TCPPL ( TCP Packet Logger )
Last version: 2.0 beta 7 released in 6 July 2002

This was one of my first important personal projects. It was developed around 2001-2002, I haven’t been working on this project since then. It was my first big Delphi application and learned a lot during this time, especially about TCP internals & networking. While it had a simple interface, there was a lot happening in the back.

The original page follows:


  • Logs TCP packets that pass on a network. Works under Windows 9x, Me, 2000, XP.


  • Save, load packets to files
  • View packet headers
  • Supports tcpdump filter expressions
  • Filter by IP address, port, data content
  • Autosaving

To do

  • Actions (eg: start a program when a specific packet is logged)
  • TCP connections reconstruction
  • UDP, ICMP support


TCPPL is using WinPcap driver for logging packets, so you have to install it in order to use TCPPL:

It is not necesary to restart your computer after installing this driver, TCPPL will dynamicaly load the driver.

Download TCPPL – (423Kb)

It’s important to know that if you are logging on an ethernet adapter you will log packets from the whole network, not only packets with your ip address as destination. I will not be held responsible if you are using this program in illegal activities. If you can’t use the program to log from a dialup adapter in Win NT/2k/XP read